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Arrival is an interactive headphone theatre walk for 14 audience members/performance. We use different sound technologies, participatory theatre games invented by us in order to create a unique sensorial experience and to create a fictional world in relation to the real physical environment.  Each audience member gets a headphone, an mp3 player and they are guided by the sound instructions they listen to and two live astronauts. It is an expedition for 14 chosen space traveller who are roaming around to go through a training before they leave Earth. They experience this planet`s real borders and true nature before they launch to a new planet. They go through a series of interactive instruction based games in a public space, they participate in a training before their blastoff. They interact in an invisible, playful and witty way with the passengers. The audience experience how their physical sensations change during arriving to a new planet. How is it possible to float? How to be in a bubble? The space transforms in
their imagination thanks to the surrounding sounds and images. It is a community game, where individual and collective missions merge.

The piece is devised and performed by Daniel Daoud, screenwriter and Veronika Szabó, performer, director.

It was premiered at and funded by Kolorado Festival, Hungary.

Photo credit: Szemerey Bence