In Utero by Very Clock

How does the womb sound? Did we feel what our mothers felt? Are mother and embryo one, or two?

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IN UTERO is an immersive sound installation where we reimagine how the mother’s body, senses and emotions become her child’s, and reflect her surroundings. We want to question the way that women’s bodies are treated by society and explore the implications of denying women bodily autonomy. Sound holds a unique place in our sensory world, as it is created by vibrations that must occur both outside and inside our bodies in order to be perceived, and here we explore the inside-out dynamics of sound in its rawest form. Our external and internal worlds are inseparable, and here we listen to how they bleed in and through one another.
IN UTERO is an individual and intimate experience inspired by ASMR (autonomous sensory meridian response) videos. Very Clock have built the first female binaural head in order to create binaural recordings for this performance. Each audience member will be guided to their own space, and receive a blindfold and headphone to wear in order to enter the womb.

It was supported by Arts Council and the Irish Composer`s Collective.Premiered at the ICC Speak event in Dublin at the Irish Architectural Archive in November 2016.



“In Utero is an immersive, almost meditative experience…Clifford and Szabo’s work questions the treatment of the woman’s body and voice in Irish society”

Shauna Caffrey in Goldenplec magazine,