Just Country

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Janos is a shoemaker. He still runs his own small business hardly surviving after the transition from socialism to democracy. On the 264th day of the year he receives a letter from the government. The letter is lifechanging. He finds himself in labirynths of bureaucracy. Why nobody is telling him what is going on? Just country is a devised physical forum theatre play inspired by stories of evictions. It is using Köszi company was cooperating with an organization of homeless and nonhomeless people  ,,City is for all” to collect stories, to have discusssions and then to collectivize and fictionalize the stories.

Director: Veronika Szabo


Janos: Jozsef Takacs

Daugther: Flora Bernath

State official: Zoltan Somogyvari

State secretary1: Orsolya Vizsy

State secretary2: Kata Lenard

Evictor: Attila Vegh


Tuzrakter,  the legendary independent cultural centre,Budapest

Gödör Klub, cultural centre  of contemporary performing arts, Budapest

– ‘City is for All’ venue

Supported by Godor Klub and Tuzrakter and most importantlyby the people who shared their stories in order to support others.