Legislative Theatre

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Legislative Theatre is a participatory performance creating new laws with the audience in playful ways.Through image physical, image theatre and live human-orchestrated complaint choir we share moments of childhood and what it means to be a student. The fragmented stories unfold how the educational system, laws and power relations affect student’s life in Hungary. How do their parents and the institutions respond to that? . The piece is inspired by techniques of Theatre of the Oppressed, Invisible Theatre, verbatim theatre and improvisational vocal techniques. We used  legal texts and in the research phase we collected real stories from students through Invisible Theatre actions in public spaces and used their own words. We also collaborated with legal experts who perform in the performance as well.

Performed at Bankito Fesztival, Elte University, Budapest.

5 stars review: “This interactive performance is theatre, a game and a social forum at the same time which allowed the audience to play and create a collective empathy in the room. The audience could playfully reflect on the educational system’s opportunities and bounderies. Very humouros moments, great complaint choir, original ideas. Fresh and new.” http://magyarnarancs.hu/szinhaz2/torvenyhozoi-szinhaz-81068

Concept: Veronika Szabo

Director: Veronika Szabo, Viktor Bori


Viola Kallós

Andrea Tara

Laszlo Barnak

Andrea Kóbor

Julia Vida

Judit Pétervári

Emese Orbók

Áron Szilágyi

Veronika Szabo