Lifeshort Learning



The performance is a participatory devised performance following three characters journey and inviting the audience to play with them.  These people are looking for their path they are firm then get lost, they stick to their decisions then regret them afterwards, they are calm and nervous, they go ahead then become insecure, just like us. We invite our audience to play in a space that we all know so well, to be wise, to make mistakes with our heroes and heroins. By the end we may find a solution, or a new issue we never expected on the first place. We look into the questions and difficulties of choosing a career through the story of three young adults.The performance was based on some autobiographical material.

Performances at MU Theatre , Valley of Arts , Bankito Festival,  Antre Festival at Theatre and Film Academy (Hungary), 2013-2014.

Devised and performed by:
Agnes Orban

Ambrus Fatér

György Benedek

Veronika Szabo

Viola Kallos

Script: Panna Bodor

Supported by Bankito Fesztival.