Matthias, not the king

‘Matthias, not the king’ is a forum theatre and slam poetry show performed by youngsters coming from North East Hungary. The story is about a 12 years old who gets bullied by his peers. He is studying in a small village where he can’t really find friends and his place in the world. He can’t protect himself so he asks for superpower. One day his imaginary friend helps him out. How can he protect himself? The participatory part of the show is an attempt to find solutions for that in a playful way.

North-East Hungary is one of the poorest regions of Hungary with high unemployment rate. The youth leave school early, have very few prespectives as of studying or working and are quite unmotivated regarding their future. The objective of the project was to create a strong community of youth that is motivated to be part of a creative process and community and have a greater self-relience; and we achieved this through creating a forum theatre performance based on the ideas of the children. With the use of drama, forum theatre, slam poetry and blog writing the communication skills, empathy, self-confidence, and co-operation skills of the 11 young participants improved dramatically during the process. We managed to achieve all our planned activities to a maximum extent and have a showing of the performance and the public presentations of the children at different venues and cities to a great public and press success. The beneficiaries are more empowered. This project is a collaboration between Clowns on the Horizon and Cseroke Association funded by Norvegian Civil Fund.


16th July 2015 Lak Community Centre

17th July 2015 Bankito Festival

17th October 2015 Studio K Theatre, Budapest


      Matyi                                    Adrián Ádám

      Father/Football player   Róbert    Bancsók

     Mother                                Dzsenifer      Budai

      Imaginary friend, Casper           János   Lukács

      Hajni                                           Johanna    Horváth

       Hajni’s mother                                 Izabella     Horváth

       Hajni’s brother, Mötyi                    Ganyi Krisztián

        Klaudia                            Budai Henrietta

        Piroska                             Ganyi Bettina

        Eszmeralda                          Ganyi Erika

         Teacher                                Lukács Vanessza

         Joker                                             Szabó Veronika

Mentors: Nóra Novák,  Viktor Siroki
Director: Veronika Szabó
Co-director, program coordinator: Yvette Feuer

Drama facilitator: Erika  Manyasz
Slam poetry facilitator: Kristóf  Horváth
Video: Gyula Galyas

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