Secret Arcade

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Secret Arcade

Secret Arcade is a space for having moments of shared human nature and self-reflection in the Arcade Shopping Centre, Romford. During my residency I asked people to stop, think, share and exchange secrets for free. People could stop for a moment and think about what secret is for them and share, get rid of their own ones on a piece of paper anonimously and leaving it in a Secret Box. As an exchage they could read  a stranger’s secret who might be that time still in the Shopping Centre. Those who wanted to explore more could enter into a Secret Room a place where they were left alone. Where they could choose a mask to wear, look at themselves and make a self-confession: sharing their secrets with themselves and with you as part of this exhibition.

The project was funded by Romford Contemporary Arts Programme C.I.C.(RCAP)/The Quadrant, Romford.

Concept and performed by: Veronika Szabo