Ship of fools

Ship of fools – Inca UK

A ship without a pilot. Its inhabitants seemingly oblivious of their own direction. INCA presents a fully immersive theatre performance on a ship exploring the adverse effects of unemployment on mental health. Inspired by the work of Foucault. Spanning from the Middle Ages, Cameron and Osbourne´s Britain to a world in Economic Crisis. Exploring the adverse effects on society through unemployment and inspired by Foucault´s ¨Madness and Civilization,” what lessons can be learnt from some of Europe´s darker hours?

The immersive theatre performance was performed on Battersea Barge and Tour de Force Theatre, 2014, London. It was devised by an international cast of theatre makers.

Facilitators:  Emanuelle Nargi, Lee Shannon, Zack Polanski

Set and costume design: Carmen Arquelladas

Devised and performed by:

Hanna Varszegi

Irina Shengelia

Isabelle Böstrom

Izzie Major

Jaime Monfort Miralles

Joanne Amaral

Nanna Gunars

Radhika Prabhu

Roni Mundel

Octavio Ahmic

Nuala Maguire

Veronika Szabo

Funded by European Youth Policy for Creative Youth LondonFunded by European Youth Policy for Creative Youth London