The baby

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Born from a question, “The baby” is a grotesque, bouffon theatre performance through which I seek to complicate and challange the role of the female body and the contradictory nature of being a mother. It is a shameless and funny performance challenging expectations about being good and responsible. Holy Mother does all sorts of everyday actions that mothers have to do with their babies such as cleaning, wiping, stroking, singing, feeding, loving. But what if all these actions are taken onto a bizarre, playful journey? What are the desires behind obligations? How can a mother fail? What are the wildest things that a mother would never do with her baby but maybe thinks about it? Can the baby`s bum become a rocket?

The performane denies the 4th wall, can be adapted to theatre space and different outdoor sites eg. city streets. It includes some interactions with the audience and passengers. It is a solo version of the show „Babies” by Very Clock company.

Special thanks to Anna Clifford, Roberto Pierola Sánchez, Jon Davison and members of the London Clown school for helping to develop the piece.

Original creators:  Anna Clifford, Veronika Szabo

Performer: Veronika Szabo

Supported by L1 Asssociation and Workshop Foundation.


25th September 2017, L1 Festival, MU Theatre, Budapest

17th June 2017, Valyo and Slant event on Freedom Bridge, Budapest, Hungary

24th May 2017, Objects of Desire Festival, Puccs Gallery, Budapest, Hungary

28th February 2017, Kabare Krúdó, Kék Ló Pub, Budapest, Hungary

25th February 2017, Slant Vol V. Performance evening, Aurora, Budapest, Hungary

12th December 2016, London Clown School evening, House of Idiot, London

4th December 2016 Queer Puppets Cabaret, Folkestone, UK

12th March 2016 Bark Like a Lady, Celebration of Women’s day at Styx, London

27th February 2016 MA Scratch Night, Royal Central School of Speech and Drama, London