War Paint

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War Paint is an immersive theatre installation, a process of 4 women getting ready in people’s homes by Mummy`s Sloppy Honey Theatre company. The role of the voyeur and the intimate audience relationship in such a confined space is crucial in the piece. It explores themes of beauty, vulnerability, insecurity, fragility and strength. It questions why  do we the things we do with our bodies and who are they for.  The piece is also autobiographical as we use personal stories about our relationship to our bodies through portable speakers.


“The girls’ behaviour is at once totally quotidian and surprisingly alienating; rarely do we see such an honest look at the process of getting ready to go out in public for young women today.”

Read Nicola Watkinson’s full 4* review here: playstosee.com/warpaint

Supported by Royal Central School of Speech and Drama, London and commissioned by Camden People`s Theatre Calm Down Dear Festival, Let Me In Site Specific Festival Berlin.



18th July, 2016, Let me in Festival, Berlin

24th September, 2016, Calm Down Dear Festival, Camden People’s Theatre, London

14th October, 2016, Calm Down Dear Festival, BikeShed Theatre, Exeter.

Book tickets here: https://www.bikeshedtheatre.co.uk/shows/war-paint/