Wild week – site specific children performance

With funding from The Chalk Cliff Trust, The Climbing Frame and Chimaera Theatre joined forces to deliver the week-long Wild Theatre programme which culminated in an outdoor performance at The Hornbeam Centre’s Learning Lodge in Pimp Hall Nature Reserve.The Wild Theatre programme was developed with the aim of engaging children with the creative process of developing a large scale outdoor performance in the nature reserve surrounding a new community centre in Chingford. The playmaking programme for children also ran alongside a creative mentoring programme, giving a group of young people aged 16-21 the opportunity to work alongside arts organisations to support their professional development within the creative sector.

Chimaera Theatre and The Climbing Frame worked in partnership to develop a series of provocations, based on the concept of the discovery of an ancient tribe who had lived on the nature reserve. Children were encouraged to explore the natural spaces and discover clues, objects placed in the woods and remnants of the tribe, which in turn ignited ideas in the children and initiated theatre-making activities.The children formulated their own stories of the ancient tribe through these provocations, and began to develop their own modern-day tribe using these stories as inspiration.

Theatre facilitators, director: Eleanor Westbrook, Veronika Szabo

Music and sound facilitator, director: David Somlo

Set design, scenography facilitator: Kate Westbrook